NOVA3D Whale3 Ultra 3D Printer With 10.3‘’ 8K Mono LCD

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【Innovative big COB Light engine】: Whale3 SE is being equipped with big light engine. Compare with Parallel light source, it has better UV uniformity on screen. It means you can get more accurate models.
【0.25mm Support is available】: Now printing with Whale3 Se you can use 0.25mm supports. Means your detail models won't get too much damage on surface. And you can even take off these supports by fingers.

【Resin Heating System】:resin heating system prevents printing from stopping due to the drop in temperature in winter, ensures resin fluidity, and improves printing success rate.
【Auto-feeding system】: Never worry about running out of resin when printing large models if you are with Whale3 Se's auto-feeding system
【Ultra-stable z-axis】:The Z-axis features an ball screw and dual linear guide rail, ensuring ultra-steady and accurate movement.even at high printing speeds, and reducing layer texture on your final prints.
【10"3 8K Monochrome LCD】:7680x4320px resolution, brings unbeliveable smooth surface.

Model : Whale3 SE / Whale3 Super/Whale3 Ultra:

Shipping out within 3-7 working days.

  • 8K Resolution

  • COB light engine

  • 0.25mm Support

  • Auto Thermosta System

  • ball screw

  • Auto Feeding System

8K Resolution
makes everything clearer

#5 Generation Crystal Light Engine

As so far, Whale3 SE is the only printer who is being equipped with COB light source,
Whose uniformity of light intensity has better performance than Matrix light Source.

What 0.25mm Support brings?

almost smooth surface, easier to take off the support.

Wifi Control and file transimition
make things easier to handle

Ultra-stable z-axis

ball screw ensuring ultra-steady and accurate movemen, reducing layer texture on prints.

Automatic Thermostat System

Automatic Thermostat System ensures resin fluidity ,improves printing success rate.

Auto feeding System

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