NOVA3D Fastcure Curing Machine for LCD DLP SLA 3D Printed Model

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The Most Advanced Post-Curing System on the Planet

Fastcure is fast enough to enable true chairside workflows with NOVA3D printing. And thanks to its custom light power unit, it delivers heat instantaneously, no warm-up required.

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  • 200uw/cm²
  • Thanks to its custom Crystal Optical Engine, Fastcure can completely post-cure 3D printed parts in just a few minutes using both light and heat for optimal mechanical properties.
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  • Stainless Container
  • To reflact the curing line, we designed the stainless container for a uniformer curing purpose.
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  • Advcanced Water Post-Curing System
  • For better surface and mechanical behavior of your printing parts, water curing is a better way which can stop oxygen inhibition.
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  • Smart Rotation
  • For better curing purpose, Fastcure was euqiped with smart rotation system at a uniform speed. All the printing parts will get same exposure energy.

Only 5 minutes

Crystal Optical Engine is an
engineering marvel

The beating heart of Fastcure, Crystal Optical Engine is an engineering marvel. Not only it has a great performance in normal curing system, but also in the water curing system. Fastcure would save your curing time than NOVA3D Vortex 3 times.

(PS: The curing time changes vary with different materials)

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Uniform Exposure

The plate would adjust it's speed when the exposure energy changed, at same time, stainless container would relact 405nm light to your priting parts, all the job is for making a fast and unifom curing system.

Smart Rotation

The circular revolving plate would adjust it's speed when the exposure energy changed, for the sides of the printing parts gets unfiform 405nm light.


Advcanced Water Post-Curing System

Water curing system Stop oxygen inhibition, cured parts would get smmothier suface, and keep great material mechanical behavior.

Fascure & SonicWash

Using SonicaWash to wash your model and then curing them by Fastcure would save most of your post-processing time.

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Fastcure & SonicWash