NOVA3D Master Printer For Healthcare Professionals And Medical Device Engineers

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Nova3D MASTER — Dental Digital Master

Promoting digital access to dentistry

Nova3D Master—Digital dentistry
one step ahead


Equipped with high-speed release system,the
printing speed increases exponentially

  • about 1 hour
  • Master
  • Master 600 layers can be printed
    in about 1 hour, 30 minutes faster
    than other DLP printers.
  • about 1 hour
  • Other printer
  • Other printer only 400 layers can
    be printed in about 1 hour, 30
    minutes slower than Master.
  • Dental Model


    Dental Model

    Height 16mm

  • Dental Crown & Bridge Model


    Dental Crown &
    Bridge Model

    Height 22mm

  • Dental Castable Wax


    Dental Castable

    Height 30mm

  • Surgical Guides


    Surgical Guides

    Height 30mm

Incredible print accuracy - 50um

Data overlap rate up to 85%

Uses a patented optical engine

COB vertical light source, wavelength 405nm, uniformity without cross, you can printing more stable.

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Long Screen Life 2000H

Which is about 4 times of the color screen machine, which will greatly save your maintenance cost.

Support APP / WIFI Control

You can set the APP/PC and printer on the same LAN to transfer files to the printer and get rid of the trouble of USB flash drive.


Novamake for Dental developed specifically for dental digital professionals
perfectly suited to digital dental use scenarios.

  • Simple UI

    Simple UI

  • Auto-positioning of the best print angle when importing

    Auto-positioning of the best
    print angle when importing

  • Auto-add support


  • Remote control

    Remote control

  • Intelligent one-click printing

    Intelligent one-
    click printing

  • Auto-reminder of print statistics when printing is complete

    Auto-reminder of print
    statistics when printing
    is complete

  • Model mesh generation

    Model mesh generation

  • Model hollow

    Model hollow

  • Model punch

    Model punch

Printer Size


  • Print Size


  • HIWIN guide rail,ball screws
    Intelligent high-tech,
    better printing performance.

  • 7 inches screen,easier to
    control brings great control

Dental Resin Display

  • Dental Model
  • Dental Model
  • High Temperature resistance
  • Highly detailed
  • Clear displayed edge
  • Dental Crown & Bridge Model
  • Dental Crown & Bridge Model
  • High Hardness
  • High Accuracy
  • Perfect Model Appearance
  • Dental Castable Wax
  • Dental Castable Wax
  • Embedded casting without ash residue
  • Small tolerance
  • Accurate model size
  • Surgical Guides
  • Surgical Guides
  • Good compatibility
  • High pressure Wet sterilization
  • High transparent colour
  • Detailed Appearance
  • No Element of bisphenol propane (BPA)

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