NOVA3D Printer Engineering Resin High Resolution Non-Brittle Tappable Engineer Resin 1000g

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  • Wide Applications】 :resin is precise, high-resolution non-brittle, low shrinkage and warping, still easy to print. And you can use it to make assembly parts, models, and functional parts, like electronic product housings, Drilling and tapping, etc.
  • High Precision and Resolution】 :3D printer resin in the beautiful Grey and white color is an easy-to-use engineering resin with a high resolution and smooth surface. Its high precision allows it to be tapped to create threaded holes, ensuring that the model is printed with the finest details.
  • Easy to Clean and Process】 :This engineering Resin is very easy to clean, cure and process. Standard sandpaper works great with the model as with primers and paints.
  • Non-Brittle and Tappable】 :This resin has a unique combination of hardness and flexibility, is not brittle and tappable. Compared with other resins that are too brittle, this 3D printer resin is strong enough to withstand accidental drops from time to time.
  • Easy to Print:This rapid UV:Curing resin is easy to print and has high resolution. 3d printing resin has good fluidity, which can effectively improve the printing speed and success rate, and is very suitable for making desktop miniatures.

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