Seal Lite 3D Scanner for 3d printer

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  • [Capture Accuracy Precise Details] The 3DMakerpro Seal Lite 3D scanner utilizes refined structured light technology to achieve accuracy of 0.02mm. With a shorter wavelength (400 to 500 nanometers), it delivers impressive detail, boasting a minimum point spacing of 0.07mm. The Precision Blue imaging system ensures highly detailed 3D models with ease.
  • [Smooth Scanning] The advanced optical system and JMStudio algorithms in the handheld 3D scanner improve the scanning process. Equipped with anti-shake lenses and optical stabilization function, it filters out unwanted jitter, ensuring smooth and continuous scanning.
  • [Lightweight and Quiet] Designed for convenience, the Seal Lite 3D scanner is lightweight, weighing only 225g (compared to Seal's 256g), making it portable for on the-go use. With excellent heat dissipation and no fan noise, it provides a quiet scanning process. Constructed from plastic (Seal is made of aluminum alloy), it combines durability with portability.
  • [9-Level Light Adjustment] The Seal Lite 3D model scanner supports scanning in low light conditions with 9 levels of light adjustment, enabling versatile scanning of different colors, materials, and lighting environments. With a scanning rate of 100,000 points per second, it captures details of body parts, models, art, and more.
  • [Accessories and Compatibility] The 3D scanner kit's optional Smart Grip (available separately) connects Seal Lite to your smartphone (Android/iOS) for scanning on the go. The official software JMStudio supports file export in OBJ/STL/PLY/ASC formats. Compatible with Windows 10/11 64bit and MacOS 12/13 operating systems.

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