[Clearance Sale] NOVA3D Water Washable Resin 1000G

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  • Low Odor & WashableNOVA3D washable printer resin is more lower odor than our standard resin, if you have tried nova3d standard resin before that you will choose this resin again. It's not residue after rinse with water.
  • More Flexible & Good Fluidity: This resin is flexible than standard resin, low viscosity and good fluidity make it more easier to release the model from the uncured resin. It takes less time to cure the resin, time-saving and increasing print efficiency.
  • Safer & AffordableNo longer need alcohol, IPA, industrial solvents or detergent to clean the prints, effective to avoid cleaning solvents to the body caused damage, it also save your cost and avoid inconvenience without IPA.
  • Fresh Color & Easy to UseFadeless, difficult to turn yellow and smooth surface after cured. Cured model is easier to remove from the platform, Utmost to reduce platform scratched when you remove the prints.
  • Wide Application & Diversified ChoicesIt compatible with most 395-410nm LCD DLP 3D printers on the market, please adjust your setting according to your printer wave strength. We'll launch more different colors base on to your need, any further suggestion please contact with our supports.
SIZE: 500g
COLOR: White

Shipping out within 3-7 working days.

Lower odor resin for 3d printing, more afforable and convenient to use.

NOVA3D water washable resin is smell less, its low viscosity makes the resin back flow more quickly to ensure the model cured completely during printing. It almost no smell during printing than standard resin you used before.

Use tips:

  • Shake well lightly before use,stay away from direct sunlight and strong UV light, including strong LED light.
  • The recycled resin is filtered with a filter paper when it is put into the bottle.
  • Please wear gloves when you connect the resin to avoid direct contact.
  • Take the build plate off after the model finish the print, rinse the model by water.
  • After finish the washing then wipe the model surface & inner dry, cure the model by cure machine

Model display

Question About Resin

Here are some resin seting parameter and printing advice for you.

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