NOVA3D Whale3 SE 3D Printer With 10.3‘’ 8K Mono LCD

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  • 【Innovative big COB Light engine: Whale3 SE is being equipped with big light engine. Compare with Parallel light source, it has better UV uniformity on screen. It means you can get more accurate models.
  • 【0.25mm Support is available: Now printing with Whale3 Se you can use 0.25mm supports. Means your detail models won't get too much damage on surface. And you can even take off these supports by fingers.
  • 10"3 8K Monochrome LCD:7680x4320px resolution, brings unbeliveable smooth surface.
  • Auto-feeding system: Never worry about running out of resin when printing large models if you are with Whale3 Se's auto-feeding system
  • 228*128*260mm printing size: No matter how many parts you can print all at once
whale3 SE: Whale SE

Shipping out within 3-7 working days.

New Support Algorithm

The updated support algorithm in the latest version improves printing stability, and success rates, and reduces model surface damage. The newly improved support and bottom valve are easier to remove. Resulting in faster slicing and a more user-friendly experience

Intelligent mode

In the new version of the slicing software Novamaker Workshop, supports can be intelligently added according to the model details, reducing the risk of printing failure due to improper parameter settings, greatly improving the printing success rate, making each print professional and easy to operate

High precision and large size printing to meet all your needs

Advanced #5 COB Crystal Light Source

Compare with a parallel light source, it has better UV uniformity on screen.It means you can get smoother surfaces and more accurate models.

High Resolution Resin 3D Printer Starts Your Printing Journey Here

Nova3d 3D resin printer can be used in toy models, household products, school education, jewelry design, architectural models, dentistry, self-made, etc. Start to print your own figurines, miniatures, or cosplay props.

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