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Richard Denyer (WarriorPrints3D)

Knowing that I did not have to post cure on this resin I was apprehensive but my word was I wrong I was blown away by the quality and Strength of the resin the details are incredibly sharp and beautifully seen very easy to clean up, supports came off with ease after a little warm water (always use it as helps) no overpowering smell at all I really liked the colour I'm not one for the Beige resins but the dark beige was really nice I have used the resin on a very large print and miniatures as well and it hasn't faltered on either the minis are strong and not brittle at all I would happily use the resin again and if you want to see the prints I did you can see them on my instagram  


Monnu Bains(BrownTown Games)

Of the many resins I have tested, Nova3D’s TGM resin is my favourite. It has been so easy to get high quality prints with minimal effort spent calibrating. The resin is durable and the colour really shows the details on prints well. Nova3D’s TGM Resin is now my go-to resin


Smiling DM Studios

I print miniatures for wargaming and D&D. This stuff is perfect for it, the details come out extremely crispy and professional looking. They are also tough I dropped 5 minis from countertop height and not a single one chipped. I highly recommend this resin for any of my fellow mini printers.