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Whale2 - the biggest ever

8.9 inches 4K monochrome screen.Matrix light engine.Free leveling.
192*120*250mm big printing size.Fast printing speed .Only 35db noise.Let’s see what whale2 can do.

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Two different
colors for you

New Matrix Light Engine

Whale2 uses a matrix light source engine with 40 lamp beads to provide uniform purple light for the entire 8.9 inch screen.You can print more accurately than before.

8.9”4K Monochrome LCD Screen With Double Screen Lifespan

Compared with previous,the power of Whale2 is only 75W, and the on-screen temperature is 56°C. The service life of the screen is 2000h, which is about 3 times that of the color screen machine, which will greatly save your maintenance costs.


The printing noise is as low as 0 DB,like a person whisper softly.


Support APP & Wifi Control

Monitor printing progress.
Adjust the printing settings.
Start/Stop prints by android phone(need download Nova3d app)

You may want some spare parts here

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离形模 树脂 料槽