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Better slicing experience in NovaMaker

Design your model in standard CAD software, then import the STL file into the software. Get your model ready in minutes, upload to your printer, and let it build.

All in one

One Slicer, You can control all your NOVA3D printer


Wifi Control

Wifi Control is one of the features of NOVA3D priters. Connect your printers with NovaMaker, you can directly check the printing status, and control all the printers. Even you can send the sliced file directly to the printer, and then make it works.


Easy to learn

Load the file, add the supports automatically, slice the file. All your jobs are done. You can handle it even you are the first time to use it.

Edit your file

NovaMaker provides tools about Move, Rotate, Scale, Copy, Auto layout, Dig holes etc, You can take care of your printing files here very easy.

Multi-types of file

NovaMaker can be upload .Stl, .OBJ, and .3mf, output with .nmk. And currently, our engineer is making it conects more file.

.stl .obj .3mf



Easy to add support

You can rotate the 3d file to any angle, very simple and easy to manually add some perfect supports.

Smart to add supports

Novamaker would automaticly detect and analysis the uoloaded file, and tell you which parts should be supported. Then all your jobs is click "auto supports" to make it works.


Improve success rate

Add a craft, your printing parts would stick to the platform tightly. Make sure you added the craft.