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EIFIN Strong Industrial Design --- First Trial on EIFIN


I was invited by friend to test and review nova3d MSLA 3d printer.

The appearance of the whole machine is coordinated and fashionable. The red UV-blocking acrylic glass can effectively cover the work area to prevent odor diffusion. The large capacitive touch screen on the front improves the convenience of control. The coordination of the whole machine is triangular and has no sharp corners. I will call it as an E for such a cute machine!

I can't wait to open the machine when I received it. It's not unpacking what I’m talking about is dismantling.

The E is easier to dismantle, and remove the three screws on the bottom you can take the bottom panel a part which is easy for maintenance.

Disassembly of the plate on the bottom, we can see the elements in side is well organized, the structure is reasonable, and the wires are well protected by the protection tube. I give a thumb up for this.

Unplug the wire connected to the motherboard and unscrew the mount screws to take off the motherboard. Let's take a look at this customized motherboard.

The integrated motherboard gets good workmanship and solid materials. Four solid capacitors ensure the stability of the work. A Rockchip RK3229 development board is integrated on the motherboard. Rockchip RK3229 is using a 28-nanometer process, with 4 Cortex-A7 cores, and integrates an ARM Mali-400MP2 GPU graphics processor. At the same time the board gets Hynix 512M DDR3 memory and Samsung 8G flash memory and realtek8189 network module on it, the performance can be called powerful. The mega2560 processor is also integrated on the motherboard. Usually FDM's 3D printing motherboard uses this master control program, which should be used to execute Gcode code. The motherboard also integrates a Toshiba TC358870XBG. This chip can convert 4K HDMI video signals to MIPI, so it is also very simple to change the DIY to large-scale 3D printing. The motherboard also integrates a new Tang N76E003 high-speed 1T 805 single-chip microcomputer, it seems to be used to control the brushless motor, but it is not used, it should be reserved for the next generation models. Thanks to the 1/128 LV8729 stepper motor, the Z-axis noise is very low when the motor is running, this worth a thumb up.

OMG, did I make it wrong? I checked it multiple times and confirms that the Z-axis mount, the basement of the mount and the 2K screen metal fixing frame are made of very thick anodic oxidation CNC aluminum alloy. How luxurious is this? Using such materials are showing Nova3d’s sincerity. More than half of the weight of the whole machine is concentrated on these three parts, which can ensure the stability of printing and improve the molding effect of the model.

The Z axis of the E adopts photoelectric detection to improve the positioning accuracy, make you free from the trouble of leveling, and make the printing easier.

The printing platform of the E is made of aluminum alloy anodizing process, which improves the build plate adhesion and reduces the probability of printing failure.

The lid of the small E is made of integrated UV-blocking plexiglass, which is beautiful in appearance and covers the entire printing area completely, which reduce the noise and odor diffusion. This is one of my most satisfying points. There is basically no smell during the test.

Let's start printing to see the performance of the E. Uh ... the bootanimation is cool. If there’s a built-in buzzer working at the same time as the animation, it will be even better. Besides the sound effect, you can also load several casual android Games. The E is equipped with an android board! The game is not to mention, of course, you can’t expect playing PUBG mobile, this is a 3D printer! Very serious kind!

After hours of printing, the print is finished. Let’s take a look.

The effect of printing is the first-class. This is due to the high subdivision Z-axis motor controller that allows the E to print with a layer height of 0.01mm, which greatly improves the ability of to print the details. The E is not big, but it is actually very powerful! If you care about printing accuracy and an easier way to start printing, Nova3d Elfin is the option. What are you waiting for? It’s the time to get yours!

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