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Nova3D Elfin: A Budget Resin Printer That Truly Has It All


The Nova3D Elfin MSLA 3D printer is ready to print right out of the box and offers WiFi connectivity, a touchscreen plus a host of other features. Save $60 on this machine when purchasing it from Nova3D on Amazon US with the code NOVA3DELFIN.

If you’re interested in a resin 3D printer that meets — and exceeds — your needs, while still coming in under budget, there are more choices than ever before.

Once you begin printing, you’ll quickly find the machine is more than up to the task for anything and is perfect for hobbyists, 3D desktop game designers, 3D anime character creators, product designers, model enthusiasts, and jewelry makers (though for making luxury-level jewelry, Nova3D recommends their Gem 3D printer).

The Elfin handles Nova resins plus third-party ones and comes with the software NovaMake, which gives you the power to automatically or manually add supports to your object.

The machine itself is sturdy, featuring a top-fastened Z-axis rod to make the Z-axis extra stable and eliminate any vibrations. It also has free bed leveling technology, which is designed to stay permanently aligned and save you the hassle of constantly realigning it.

When it comes to the prints themselves, the Elfin is capable of highly detailed prints, boasting a 2K resolution LCD screen (1440 x 2560 pixels) and offering XY-axis precision of 0.05 mm and Z-axis precision of 0.01 mm. It can print at up to 20 mm per hour and offers a 4.3-inch touch screen to make your user-experience a breeze.

The Elfin takes up a snug 270 x 260 x 420 mm of space on your desktop and weighs 7.3 kg, with a build volume of 130 x 70 x 150 mm.

And, while printers like the Elegoo Mars and Photon S are also popular, the Nova3D Elfin does them one better with integrated WiFi, so you can load your sliced file from your computer directly to the printer, see the printing process as it unfolds and control it wirelessly. You can also connect one computer to several Elfin 3D printers.

Of course, you can also use the printer offline too. Simply plug your USB stick into the Elfin, select the file you’d like to print, and then pop the stick out. The machine — which has eight gigabytes of storage — will automatically load the file you selected to Elfin’s memory so you don’t have to leave your USB stick there while it prints, unlike with other printers.

Plus, the machine is easy to maintain. Swapping out the UV LCD display for another is as easy as disconnecting the flexible flat cable to the mainboard to release it. With the Elfin, there’s no need to use a hot blowgun or any other fancy devices to remove the panel on the screen.

Learn more about the Nova3D Elfin MSLA 3D printer here. And, to save $60 on your own machine, All3DP readers can use the exclusive discount code NOVA3DELFIN when purchasing the printer via Nova3D on Amazon US.

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