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Sample Coloring - Nova 3D Printer User Experience Sharing (II)

Garage Kit2020-04-26

Thanks for the support of Nova's faithful customer @Zhang Fei Printing, and share the experience of 3D printing model coloring with us. Without further ado, let's have a look at the model and compare the effects before and after coloring.

How about the colored model? Does it look more beautiful and realistic?

In fact, the coloring process can be divided into two kinds: simple coloring and fine coloring.

Simple coloring, less steps, more suitable for industrial parts coloring, the demands of color(it is generally monochrome and according to pantone color value for color allocation) are not high, such as industrial products, equipment shell, simple ornaments, etc. After polishing, the finished products are generally large color blocks of simple overlap or patchwork and mostly monochrome and bicolor; The main coloring method is spraying.  The paint used for spraying is mainly plastic paint and industrial paint, not involving gradient color.

The general steps of simple coloring can be divided into two steps:

1. Spray the base color

Most of the base color is spray painting, increase the adhesion of paint and other pigments, make the surface color uniform.

2. Simple painting

Simple coloring mainly emphasizes the integrity between color blocks, such as the color saturation,  the uniformity and thickness of color spraying, and the smooth outline of color blocks.

The color composition of simple coloring is simple, without the transition color or other coloring effect, the finished product is relatively rigid.

Before coloring

After coloring

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