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Creative 3D Printing Ideas in Everyday Life

Life accessories2020-06-03

The concept of 3D printing is rather new to a lot of people. It is also known as additive manufacturing. It is the construction of an object from a digital 3D model, and through a variety of processes in which materials are injected, joined or solidified under computer control, and are added together or fused together layer by layer. Compared with the traditional mechanical processing, 3D printing can markedly shorten product life cycle, increase production efficiency, and save resources.

3D printing technology has been widely used in aerospace, where 3D printers can print out various tools for astronauts. According to the professionals in the industry, the application of 3D printing technology in medicine embraces the most promising future. The above 3D printed arms of Kobe are an example of the achievements in this field. Scientists have envisioned the application of more advanced 3D printing technologies in skulls, facial implants, low-cost organ repair, and even fully functional organs. It sounds terrific. Though there is still a long way to go, it is foreseeable that 3D printing technology will create medical miracles in the future. However, the possibility of printing weapons  is most disturbing.

As 3D printing is often associated with aerospace, medicine, and weaponry etc., it may sound unfathomable and unreachable to ordinary people. In fact, it has already been used in our daily lives - clothes, shoes, stools, accessories, and household tools. Maybe something you are using right now is a 3D printed object. Now you can take a look at the following 3D printed objects, and see whether you have seen or used any of them.

3D Printed Vase

A 3D printer is a handy tool to produce various types of vases.

3D Printed Home Furnishings

Many people like buying beautiful things to decorate their houses. A 3D printer can print out various shapes and patterns easily.

3D Printed Lemon Juicer

Lemon juice is often used in cooking. If you don’t want to buy a lemon juicer, you can print one with a 3D printer.

3D Printed Screw and Nut

If you need to use a screw or a nut but cannot find it, a 3D printer can be of help. You can use it to print out the articles you need.

3D Printed Fruit Tray

Traditional fruit trays pale in comparison with chic 3D printed fruit trays, which can add an element of artistic ambience to the home.

3D Printed Teapot Handle
Though the scope of application of 3D printers is limited for the time being, it will surely help people print out more useful objects in the future. For your information, 3D printers are available at the official website.

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