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Dental 3D printing solution


1、Current status of development in the field of dentistry

As the saying goes, "toothache is not a disease, it hurts to kill". This is really a very serious matter. Dentistry has always been a very popular department in the medical industry, and dental diseases are difficult to cure at once. It may be more troublesome to catch up with tooth extraction and replacement. The teeth vary from person to person, which inevitably leads to a longer time for making customized teeth.

According to the results of the Third National Sampling Survey on Oral Epidemiology of the National Bureau of Statistics, 94% of the country ‘s population has some form of dental problem, and 85% of the population suffers from periodontal disease. Only 14.5% of the population has healthy periodontal tissues, and 30% -50% of the population have teeth occlusion problems while the number of dentists in China is much lower than in Europe and America.

2、3D printing in the dental field

In recent years, 3D printing technology has been gradually adopted in the field of dentistry and has been praised for its accurate, inexpensive and time-efficient manufacturing capabilities. In fact, in the dental industry, we have seen many different companies begin to step into the 3D printing market. For dentists, using 3D technology in the office can provide many benefits, including less invasive dental impressions (using 3D scanning instead of uncomfortable molds), as well as for some custom equipment, molds and implants Faster turnaround time.

According to the report of the market research agency TMR: As of the end of 2025, the global dental 3D printing market will reach a value of US $ 3.441 billion, with a growth rate of 16.5%. More and more dentists are using 3D printing technology to manufacture implants such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, which is also driving the popularization of dental 3D printing in the future. Moreover, as the application of 3D printing technology continues to mature, the application of 3D printing in the dental field to the entire medical field will be more and more extensive.

3、The main application of 3D printing technology in dentistry

    3.1. Removable dentures: partial dentures, full dentures, casting models;

    3.1. Braces: transparent braces, lingual braces;

    3.3. Dental implant: crown, bridge; fixed, abutment, temporary crown, surgical guide.


    4.1. Dental scanner;

    4.2. Dental 3D printer.


5、Application Case-Orthodontics

    5.1. Background and pain points of traditional braces

        5.1.1. Unsightly

        5.1.2. Bad comfort

        5.1.3. Request professionals to remove it

    5.2. 3D printing solutions

        5.2.1. Transparent braces, transparent appearance

        5.2.2. Oral scanning without taking impressions through plaster

        5.2.3. It can be put on and removed every day, which is more convenient

        5.2.4. Personalized customization, higher accuracy and better effect

Other Cases