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What Is the Difference Between 3D Printed Animation Figure Models and the Ones Made in Traditional Way

Garage Kit2020-05-22

With the development of the animation industry, which has driven the development of the peripheral industry of animation, the animation garage kit is a very important part of it. Due to the development of 3D printing technology, more and more players use 3D printing to make animation garage kit, then what is the difference between 3D printed animation garage kit office and traditional making method?

The design and production of traditional animation garage kit require too much talent. The job of a prototyper is equivalent to a traditional sculptor. Traditional clay materials are easily affected by a series of physical properties such as temperature, humidity, and weight. In addition, the traditional garage kit is to use carved oil sludge (more commonly used in China), American soil (expensive), stone powder clay (more commonly used in Japan), putty (more commonly used in Japan), AB soil, etc. Among them, putty and some inferior carved oil sludge are highly toxic. Under long-term contact with prototype designers, toxic components will enter the human body through the skin and respiratory tract, causing serious harm to health.

By using 3D digital modeling technology. It is very simple to modify the size of the models. You only need to select the oversized head, or the long waist and then use the right tool in the software to adjust size. It is only a few minutes of work. For example, if you need to adjust the size of the garage kit, such as the original 1: 7 work needs to be adjusted to 1:10, for the traditional garage kit making method, it’s a big job because you have to adjust the whole size of that but by using 3D digital modeling, it’s a piece of cake.

Advanced 3D digital modeling technology to design and manufacture 3D models of animation garage kit, combining with 3D printing technology, researching and practicing new digital methods of animation garage kit design, comparing with traditional hand-made prototype production methods the digital way get more advantages, which can accelerate the innovation of animation garage kit production methods and improve the design ability level.

The above is the analysis of the difference between 3D printing animation garage kit and traditional production methods introduced by Nova3D. With the development of 3D modeling and 3D printing technology, more and more traditional garage kit makers have begun to use digital method for making garage kit.

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