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Q1: Daily maintenance of the guide rail module.

A: The rail module is a precision instrument, and it should be ensured that the module is not impacted by external forces and no dirt adheres to the rail module. Do not sprinkle resin on the screw rod or inside the motor, which may cause the motor to jam. If you spill resin on the screw rod or guide rail, please wipe it clean as soon as possible, and maintain the entire screw rod and guide rail part once.Maintenance method: prepare a small amount of grease (guide screw grease, do not use edible oil), first wipe the grease of the screw and guide repeatedly, and then apply new grease, click on the screen ↑↓ 50, so that the grease can fully lubricate the screw rod and the guide rail.

Q2: Daily maintenance of vat.

A: Wipe clean the vat before each use, wipe the FEP film clean, and then pour the resin.

Q3: The import format of the software.

A: The software can import .STL, OBJ, 3mf, and nmk formats. The nmk format is novamaker's own file format, which can only be saved and read by novamaker.If your model file is in another format, please convert the format yourself, preferably to .STL.

Q4: Software update and software feedback

A: According to the current frequency, the software update will be updated every January, mainly to solve the existing BUG of the software and optimize the software functions, as well as the development of new software functions.If you have feedback on software bugs or software function suggestions, please send an email to If it is a bug feedback, please attach the log file (location of log file: C:users/admin.../logs file in novamaker) folder).If it is a software feature suggestion, please describe this suggestion in as much detail as possible. It is recommended to give 250ml resin once it is adopted

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