FastCure2 Pro is a next-level curing device that combines the power of UV light, and uniform exposure to significantly enhance the mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy of printed parts.

With its high intensity and fast curing speed, the F2 curing machine outperforms ordinary models available in the market, showcasing an exceptionally rapid solidification process. The strip-shaped lights ensure uniformity, guaranteeing precise dimensional accuracy after the second solidification process. Furthermore, the absence of dust minimizes the risk of leaving scars.

In comparison to conventional second solidification equipment, the F2 utilizes a strip-shaped light spot that can rotate to achieve solidification on all surfaces of the printed objects. This design overcomes the limitations of single-point light spots that may miss or inadequately illuminate certain areas. Compared to other curing machines, the F2 is exceptionally fast and can efficiently complete the solidification process in as little as one minute.

The FastCure2 Pro delivers a powerful punch with its UV power output range of 200-1000mW/c㎡! The high-intensity UV light penetrates deep into the printing model, significantly accelerating the curing process the improving parts’ strength and dimensional accuracy.

The high-power LEDs offer uniform exposure to printed models, minimizing defacts. Ideal for professional and personal 3D printing applications, ensuring reliable and efficient curing.

Distinctive UV lamps with 375nm & 405nm wavelengths penetrate 3D printed models for thorough curing. Ensuring remarkable mechanical performance and precise dimensional accuracy across the entire part.

The F2 curing machine consistently delivers universal exposure, ensuring thorough and consistent solidification across all surfaces of the printed items. Its innovative strip-shaped light spot, combined with rotational capabilities, guarantees comprehensive coverage and eliminates the risk of uneven or incomplete curing. With the F2, you can rely on reliable and uniform exposure that consistently achieves optimal results.

The F2 curing machine incorporates an inner reflective cavity and a rotating tray, which further enhance its ability to provide consistent universal exposure. The inner reflective cavity ensures that the emitted light is efficiently redirected and dispersed across the entire surface of the printed items, maximizing the curing process. Additionally, the rotating tray facilitates even exposure from various angles, allowing for thorough and uniform solidification. These features work in tandem to guarantee reliable and consistent curing results, making the F2 an ideal choice for achieving high-quality prints.

FastCure2 Pro allows for convenient and flexible curing in water, users no longer need to worry about sourcing the right liquid for their specific printed models.

FastCure2 Pro simplifies curing with a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and clear instructions. Customize the curing process to your needs, and confidently set up the curing box even as a beginner. The 2.4-inch touchscreen lets you conveniently adjust curing time and UV power for perfect curing results.

Curing box comes equipped with a safety protection feature that ensures that the UV light immediately shuts off if the door panel is opened. This feature prevents any accidental exposure to harmful UV rays, protecting users from potential health hazards. Giving users peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their work without any distractions or worries.