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Apply for Nova3D education discount
Students, educators, and academic researchers with approved academic email addresses can use the Nova3D education discount program. Nova3D online store offers discounts for Nova3D products
How to apply for education discount?
  • Leave your email, and choose the products you want to review.

  • The marketing department will contact you for more details.

  • Confirm the date when you finish the review and send you the printer.

  • You post the review as promised or send the printer back.

Upload your student certificate or research identification*

Supported file types: JPG, PNG or GIF, less than 20mb.

Official repair products FAQ
1.Who qualifies for an Educational Discount?

Students attending or accepted into a higher education institution, or faculty employed at a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, or higher education institution at the time of applying. Applicants must have a verified academic email address or valid identification to prove their status as a student or faculty member. If qualified, Educational Discount members may only purchase NOVA3D products for personal and educational use; selling or giving away coupons to others, and reselling, renting, or shipping to customers and potential customers is prohibited.

2.I qualify for the Educational Discount but do not have a student ID or staff card. How can I apply?
If you do not have a student ID or staff card issued by your educational institution, you can upload your acceptance letter or other official documentation for proof. The uploaded images must contain your full name, your institution's name, and a date that indicates you are currently attending or working for the institution.
3.What are the limitations for the Educational Discount?
Customers can apply for the Educational Discount once every six months for a given email address. Each successful applicant will receive two coupons, and each coupon can be used once for purchases. Educational Discount coupons are only valid for six months from the date you receive them via email.
4.Can I share Educational Discount coupons with others?
No. Educational Discount coupons are bound to the email address you used to apply for the discount. You cannot share coupons with any accounts that use a different email address.
5.What discount does the Educational Discount offer?
About 10% off for educational discount supported products (not including professional products). If you want to purchase professional products for educational use, please contact sales.
6.Can I order two or more products in the same order?
Educational Discounts for each order will only apply to one unit of any given product per order. For example, if you order two Phantoms in an order, you will only receive a discount for one of the Phantoms. Conversely, if you order one Mavic and one Phantom, you will receive discounts for both products.
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