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About NOVA3D

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Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Nova Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating 3D printer R&D, sales and service, and has established its own brand Nova3D. At present, Nova3D is mainly engaged in developing LCD 3D printer and 3D printing resins, devoting to bringing the users with better 3D printing experience.

In 2017, with mature R&D technology, Bene1, the company’s first SLA 3D printer was launched. After several years of relentless research and exploration, Nova3D has accumulated and innovated in R&D technology and has obtained 19 patents up to now. Nova3D has made continuous breakthroughs and updates on products. From 2016 to date, from Bene1 to Bene3, then to GEM-with higher printing resolution, Nova3D’s printers cater to a plethora of applications and industries that includes jewelry, dentistry, construction, anime and so on. In order to better meet the market demand, Nova3D is expected to officially launch the brand new Elfin for the consumer level industry , Elfin is the upgraded model based on the original Bene3, Elfin is more to satisfy the general consumers.

Nova3D has always been adhering to the principle of high-quality and simple-to-operate, and will move on to make consistent efforts for every creator to “print what you want”.